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sarahlovesfootjobs:She has a very nice grip with her feet! Nice…


She has a very nice grip with her feet! Nice technique on that foot job, that’s lovely! She def. Knows what she’s doing!

Suzy Baker: Webcam Modeling

Today I am blogging about my most adventurist sexual experience.I was so horny one night out on the beach with a bf. We were both all over each other kissing, groping wanting each other more than anything. I felt his private areas and I could feel something hard. At this point all I wanted was him inside me. I could feel his hands sweating. My hands start to sweat, my body wants his, as much as he wants mine. I tell him I love the feeling of his hands all over mine. i can feel his breath, breathing down my neck, his lips on my neck giving me chills to the bone. And then I grab him and drag him to the bathroom at the beach. He looks at me and I look at him and only that was needed. One look on our faces said it all. On my face all I could say is, " I want him to do me". That’s all I wanted. He grabbed my pants off, pulled off my shirt and shoved it in me. Pounded so hard I couldn’t help but to release all tension inside me. My whole body vibrated inside was the best feeling ever dirty sex in beach bathroom.

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fjanne:matching tones :)


matching tones :)

JustinesBedroom Footjob

JustinesBedroom Footjob

thrilledbytease: And, if you make him cum forcefully in this…


And, if you make him cum forcefully in this way, he will NEVER again be able to look at your feet or legs without getting at least a little aroused!

From: mercurafeet:

There is so much power in making a man cum this way.

Suzy Baker: Webcam Girl ;)

Hello everyone!Today is a great day! I am really starting to get into web camming. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it and enjoy working with my customers. I have many different jobs in my life and this one is especially fun and new all the time. I enjoy having the time with my customers in private My favorite is to do privates and sum together. I get most turned on watching my customer enjoy the show. I enjoy seeing gratification from what i can do for my customer. I am open minded and easy going, which gives me the ability to have a great private. I will always do my best to meet the needs of my customer. I find it best to do shows when i have also gotten to know a little about my customer initially. I am open to whispers to keep personal information hidden. Always feel free to whisper if needed. I am typically quick to respond to all messages, but I ask always to be patient, Sometimes my room can be very busy and or I could be turned around unable to see my screen. thank you for all my returning customers and fans.

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